Sub-Systems & Components

To support or upgrade Plasmionique thin-film deposition and treatment systems, or as additions to your own or third-party equipment, we can provide the high-quality components necessary for your process. In addition, major sub-systems can be provided as stand-alone units for a variety of applications.


Substrate/Sample Mounting and Manipulation

  • Heating stages
  • Biasing capability
  • Rotation & translation
  • Load-lock systems

Gas Management Systems

  • Mass flow controllers for process gases and vapours
  • Purging and leak-checking
  • Coolant distribution
  • Instrument air handling
  • PLC control

System Control

  • Electrical power distribution module
  • System control module, PLC-based, for monitor and control of system and process variables
  • Control system software and graphical user interface

Power Supplies and Generators

  • Heating Power Supplies and Controllers
  • DC Generators
  • RF Generators
  • Microwave Generators and Components
  • Power Switches


  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) – during process or for vacuum condition
  • Optical Spectrometry – process evolution and end-point detection
  • Deposition Rate/Thickness Monitoring

Contact us for further information on any of the above.