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PRODUCTS: Components and Materials

In addition to our turn-key systems, Plasmionique offers a variety of components and materials, including sources for thin film deposition, plasma sources, substrate manipulators, deposition materials, process controllers, microwave and RF components, and power generators. 

Manetron cathode, sputtering

Magnetron Cathodes

Organic evaporator, K-Cell, Thermal Evaporator

Evaporation Sources

Substrate Holder, Heated, Rotary, Biasable

Substrate Holders

and Loadlocks

Plasma source, Neutral source, Ion Source, ICP

ICP Plasma Sources

MW-Plasma, Microwave Plasma

Microwave Plasma Sources

Deposition Material

Deposition Materials

Optical Emission Diagnostics

Plasma Diagnostics

Ga, Vapor, Vapour, Liquid, Flow management, control
Gas, pod, vapour controller

Gas, Vapour, and Liquid

Flow Control

Plasma Process Controller

Power and Process Control

Plasmionique's MAGNION Series of sputtering magnetrons are designed for sputtering from planar targets. Balanced, Unbalanced Type I, and Unbalanced Type II magnetic field configurations are all available. General specifications are included in the pdf. Custom designs for special applications are also possible.

 E-beam, Evaporation boats and Effusion cells.

Plasmionique can provide substrate holders with temperature, biasing, and position control and with or without shutters. A typical loadlock would incorporate a stainless steel chamber, turbomolecular pumping package with a manual or pneumatic gate valve for isolation, vacuum gauge, and a magnetically-coupled transfer arm.

Our PLUME Series can be used as remote plasma sources or an immersed plasma source for powder or in-line surface treatment. With a beam extraction module inclusion current densities up to 6 mA/cm^2 can be achieved.

Various configurations and power ranges are available. Open the pdf for more information.

We offer a variety of materials for evaporation or sputtering. Please contact us with your specific requirements. The pdf below contains a selection of available materials. If you do not see the pure or composite material you require, give us a call, or Contact us. We will send you a quote.

Emission Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy, Quartz Microbalances, Langmuir Probes, etc.

Contact us for any specific requests.

Precise flow rate, on/off timing, and on durations. Available for individual gases, liquids, or vapours or as integrated systems.

Temperature controllers, actuators, and more. 

Plasmionique is also a distributor of Sairem Microwave Generators:

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