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Plasmionique's  FLOCON TEST (FLOTEST) stations  integrate computer controlled liquid, vapor and gas flow systems, combined with various diagnostics and a data acquisition system to assist the development of advanced sensors for the detection of gases, chemical vapours or biological agents. The FLOTEST models for fuel cell testing are also available.  

Custom designed, environmentally controlled test chambers made of stainless steel or Teflon, with dedicated ports for pumping, gases and vapors, and diagnostics port, FLOTEST stations are customized tools configured for testing gases, including H2, various chemical vapours and fuel cells. Computer controlled gas, vapour and liquid flow controllers, combined with sensitive pressure, temperature, humidity sensors and voltage, current and frequency analyzers are typical inclusions.
The advanced control system, allows programming and automation of all process and testing steps,  monitoring the responses in real time and logging of the data for further analysis.
Numerous safety features, software controlled and hard-wired, are included in every system.



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