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Plasmionique's  R2R systems are highly flexible and custom designed for R&D applications investigating new processes for surface treatment of various thin materials, including  metallic, polymeric and paper webs, under vacuum or controlled atmospheric pressure.  

The ATMOS Series  integrate various plasma technologies for in-line surface treatment of solids materials, such as wood, plastic, and rolled sheets of metallic, polymeric, textile and paper.


Technologies integrated in this series include:

Plasma Sources :  Dielectric Barrier Discharge; ICP, CCP and Microwave plasma sources, such as Surfatron, Surfguid, ECR , etc.

PVD :  Magnetron Sputtering cathodes, Thermal and ebeam Evaporators

Nanoparticle Deposition and Synthesis: PVD, CVD, PECVD, Spray

Ion Beam Sources: 100eV to 3 KeV,  surface cleaning

Furnace : CVD

Laser : PLD, Surface patterning, etc

Diagnostics:  Temperature, Spectroscopy, Thickness Monitoring and user supplied devices

ATMOS Series


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