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Plasmionique's Compact and TableTop systems are highly versatile research tools that can integrate virtually all features of larger PVD, PECVD and hybrid systems, including process automation, data acquisition and remote access, in a small footprint. The systems can also be integrated into a glovebox design.  

Advanced Material Research tools at affordable cost is the hallmark of Plasmionique's Table-Top and Compact series of PVD, CVD, PECVD ,PE and RIE systems.

These systems, despite their small size, integrate the most advanced and sophisticated tools available in the industry. They are also the ideal tools for training the next generation of process engineers. 

Deposition / Processing Tools Available:

  • MAGNION sputtering magnetron:

  • Target:  1"- 3" in diameter, planar, conducting or dielectric

  • Balanced or unbalanced magnetic geometry as required

  • RF or DC generator

  • Shutter (optional)

  • Water-cooling


  • FLARION Reactors :

  • ICP or CCP reactors

  • RF power 13.56 MHz, continuous or pulsed

  • Suitable for PECVD and Etching applications


  • EVAD evaporation source modules including (as required):

  • Standard high temperature boats, baskets and filaments for metals

  • Knudsen effusion cell (K-cell) for low temperature evaporation of organics

  • Hybrid PVD : Combined Magnetron and Evaporaton

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