We are Proud Gold Sponsor of

The International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

Recent Events 

PLASMIONIQUE was a proud sponsor and invited presenter at
the International Symposium on Surfaces and Interfaces for Biomaterials

 held July 22-25, 2019 in Quebec City, Canada

In Naples, Italy PLASMIONIQUE joined the International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, ISPC24, as both a presenter and sponsor from Jun. 9-14, 2019.

Jan. 28 to Feb. 1, 2019 PLASMIONIQUE joined the NanoCanada mission to Nanotech Japan. A reception at the Canadian Embassy was held for the signing of a Memorandum of Collaboration between Japan and Canada on Nanotechnology. 

Sponsor of iCAMP Conference

Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2018, Montreal, Canada

NanoCanada Conference

 October 23-24, 2018, Toronto, Canada

PLASMIONIQUE was a Silver Sponsor of YOKOMAT 2018, held in Herceg Novi, in Montenegro (Sept 3-7). 

The company also presented a summary of our latest collaborative research activities. 

PLASMIONIQUE participated at the Nano Korea 2018 Symposium and Exhibition

July 11 - 13, 2018, Seoul, South Korea


PLASMIONIQUE was part of the NanoCanada mission to Korea. A collaboration agreement with the Nanotechnology Association of Korea was signed in the Canadian Embassy.


along with other NanoCanada delegates visited SAMSUNG and LG facilities in Seoul. 

CAP 2018 Congress &

Soft MatterCanada

June 11-15, 2018

Halifax, Canada

On June 12, 2018 PLASMIONIQUE was an exhibitor at the Canadian Association of Physicists Annual Congress held

in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Long Beach, CA, May 21, 2018.

Plasmionique participated in the Quebéc Mission to California and SAMPE 2018 conference. The mission participants were received by representatives of the Quebéc government offices in California. The members also had a meeting at Space-X Corporation and toured the facility. 

Aug. 21-24, 2017, Waterloo, Canada

Gold Sponsor of The International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

July 30 - Aug. 4, 2017, Montreal Canada

Gold Sponsor of

        June 4-7, 2017, Montreal, QC, Canada   

R&D News

October 2018: NSERC-Engage grant was awarded to Prof. Patrizio Antici for execution of project proposed by PLASMIONIQUE for applications to multicharge ion sources and THz radiation generation.

October 2018:  PRIMA Quebec awarded Prof. Diego Mantovani of Laval University for a project co-sponsored by PLASMIONIQUE Inc, and 4πCOAT Technologies Inc.

September 2018: PLASMIONIQUE Extended its support of Collaborative Research and Development project of Prof. Rosei,  co-sponsored by MPB technologies and NSERC-CRD grant.

June 2018: PLASMIONIQUE and INRS-EMT jointly received a US-Patent for methods and Processes for fabrication of Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction (FTJ) CMOS structure.

June 2018: The first annual meeting of Green-SEAM Network took place, with the participation of all network members.

June 2018:  Plasminique completed Installation of the ATMOS series Roll-to-Roll system in Physics department of the University of Montreal.

May 2018: Plasmionique received confirmation of the award of its Joint USA Patent with INRS-EMT, on fabrication of CMOS compatible FTJ structures for memory application

October, 2017: NSERC has awarded three Strategic Project Grants to three collaborators of PLASMIONIQUE, Profs. Andreas Ruediger  of INRS-EMT , Prof Oussama Moutinabir of Ecole Poytechnique de Montreal and Giovanni Fanchini of University of Western Ontario. Topics of all three projects were linked to recent or existing collaborative activities. PLASMIONIQUE’s researchers are looking forward to continued collaboration with their partners.

July, 2017:  One of 2017 NSERC Networks grants ($5.5M over 5 Years) has been awarded for Green Surface Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Green-SEAM Networks, piloted by Profes. Christian Moreau of Concordia University to which number of Canadian Universities and Companies, including PLASMIONIQUE, are active participants. Dr. Sarkissian of PLASMIONIQUE also serves on the scientific committee of the Network.

March, 2017: Professor Howlader of McMaster University, in collaboration with Plasmionique, has been awarded an Engage grant for demonstration of rapid sensor development strategies using roll-to-roll techniques, developed by Plasmionique.

November, 2016: Prof. Moutinabir of Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal received an Engage grant for synthesis of 2D semiconductor materials using Plasmionique’s MOCVD reactor.

October, 2016: During Graphene Canada International conference, PLASMIONIQUE presented results of their collaborative research with NRC-London, UBC and University of Montreal on synthesis and applications of carbon nanostructured materials synthesized using Plasma and CVD Technologies.

October, 2016: Professor Yang of Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Saskatchewan and Professor Ozaki of INRS received NSERC Strategic grants with PLASMIONIQUE inc as their industrial partner, on topics related to application of plasma technology to hard coating and generation of THz radiation sources.

March, 2016: Dr. Sarkissian was an invited speaker at Biomaterial symposium of MRS meeting, Phoenix, AZ.

February, 2016: In a Canada-EU research consortium for development of ice-phobic surfaces applied to aerospace application (Project Phobic2Ice), representatives from PLASMIONIQUE Inc, Pratt and Whitney Canada, DIMA aerospace, Concordia University, Montreal Ecole Polytechnique, CARIC along with representatives of Canadian Embassy in Poland joined their European partners from Airbus (Germany), INTA (Spain), ICMSE (Spain) and Technology Partners (Poland) to kick start the project.

February, 2016: Plasmionique supported a CRD grant, held by Prof Rosei for improving the efficiency of DSSC using CNT and graphene integrated in electrode structure.

December, 2015: PLASMIONIQUE and NRC signed a collaborative agreement for development of Carbon nanostructures for applications in energy sector.

Nov, 2015: PLASMIONIQUE and Minstère Économie Innovation et Exporations of Québec have mandated Professor Légaré to evaluate  laser pulse duration impact on film structures deposited using PLD technique. The study will be carried out at Advanced Laser Light Source National facility.

October, 2015: Prof. Nojeh of UBC, ECE department, received Strategic funding for application of CNT to solar thermionic converters. Plasmionique shall fulfill its commitment in this project, through providing various plasma assisted CNT and vertically grown graphene, as well as technical and material support for thin film synthesis.

Sept, 2015: PLASMIONIQUE signed a three (3) year agreement for a Collaborative Research and Development project led by Professor L. Stafford of the University of Montreal on Synthesis and doping of Graphene for variety of applications. The University also receives financial support from  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and PRIMA for this project.

June, 2015: Dr. R. Thomas of INRS was an invited speaker at International FiMPART 15, conference in India, presenting the results of their collaborative work with PLASMIONIQUE and ESIQIE Politechnique Institute, in Mexico, on Synthesis of Stoichiometric HfZrO2, ferroelectric thin films for application to high density non-volatile memory modules.

June, 2015: PLASMIONIQUE signed a contract agreement with National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Industrial Material Institute, for a collaborative work of mutual interest.

June, 2015: Dr. Sarkissian was an invited speaker at Canadian Association of Phycists (CAP) 2015 congress, held in Edmonton, where he presented a talk on behalf of the PLASMIONIQUE team, summarizing some their R&D results carried out in collaboration with various Canadian Universities. Prof. C. Xiao of the University of Saskatchewan also presented results of CT-injection on Tokamak. Dr. S. Wolfe of PLASMIONIQUE was a co-author of this presentation.

May 2015: PLASMIONIQUE joined Celloforce as the industrial partners for a project sponsored by NSERC, and PRIMA-Quebec and FP-Innovations for nanocellulose crystal  treatment using plasma techniques.

May, 2015: PLASMIONIQUE participated in two conferences ICMCTF 2015 conference in San Diego, and Spring meeting of European Material Research Conference (EMRS) in Lille France, and presented the results of their collaborative work with Prof A. Reudiger and his group on Stoichiometric Barium Titanate coating using On-Axis RF Sputter Deposition Technique. The results were submitted for publication in Journal of Thin Solid Films.

April, 2015: All three (3) University-Industry collaborative projects submitted to the Québec Government’s PASSPORT d’INNOVATION competition, by PLASMIONIQUE and its three University collaborators at INRS-EMT(2) and Sherbrooke University(1), were selected and partially funded. The University partners will receive funding for a period of one year from Government, in addition to company cash and in-kind contributions.

January 6, 2015: ;MITACS; has announced awarding MITACS-ACCELERATE award to Dr. Rignaul Bauld with PLASMIONIQUE as co-sponsor, for participation in a collaborative research project between PLASMIONIQUE and University of Western Ontario, on applications of organic Thin films to renewable energy sources. Professor Giovanni Fanchini, of UWO will co supervise the candidate.

September 25, 2014: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has awarded Dr. Rafik Nouar an Industrial Research Fellowship at PLASMIONIQUE Inc.

February 17, 2014: Professor Giovanni Fanchini of the University of Western Ontario awarded an NSERC-Engage grant for addressing issues related to electrical contacts in organic semiconductor devices. The project was proposed and supported by PLASMIONIQUE as industrial partner.

February 11, 2014: PLASMIONIQUE signed an agreement with INRS-EMT for a collaborative R&D project co-sponsored by NSERC. The CRD will be carried out by Professors, A. Ruediger, F. Légaré and F. Rosei. A part of this project builds and elaborates on initial findings of Professor F. Légaré during execution of his NSERC-Engage grant of February 2013.

January, 27, 2014: PLASMIONIQUE renews its pledge to support two MITACS post- doctoral fellows under co-supervision of Professor Ruediger.

January 09, 2014: In a press release NanoQuebec unveil the names of the winners of its financing competition for iNANO R&D challenge. The project, which PLASMIONIQUE pledge to support, was named among 11 projects that received partial financing from NanoQuebec.

December 11, 2013: Professor Henri Pepin of ALLS has been awarded an NSERC -Engage grant to study the characteristics of thin films deposited by a novel technique developed at PLASMIONIQUE. The company scientists will participate in implementation of this project.

July 8, 2013: Professor Dominique Drouin of Sherbrooke University and his collaborators from CRN2 facility have been awarded a joint NanoQuebec –NSERC grant, with PLASMIONIQUE as their industrial partner, for development of a new efficient sensor platform. PLASMIONIQUE scientists will contribute directly in design and execution of this project.

MITACS has accepted to co-sponsor two PLASMIONIQUE’s nominated PDF candidates for participation in two closely linked research programmes that were co-supervised by professor Andreas Ruediger of INRS.

March 8, 2013: With in-kind support from PLASMIONIQUE, Professor Chijin Xiao and Professor Akira Hirose of the University of Saskatchewan have received a grant from Canadian Center for Nuclear Innovation (CCNI) for development of Compact plasmaToroid Injector (CTI).

February 11, 2013: Professor François Légaré of INRS-EMT received an NSERC-Engage grant to test a new material characterization technique proposed by PLASMIONIQUE for integration into future deposition systems.

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