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Combined magnetron sputtering and pulsed laser deposition of TiO2 and BFCO thin flms, D. Benetti, R. Nouar, R. Nechache, H. Pepin, A. Sarkissian, F. Rosei, J. M. MacLeod, Scientific Reports | 7: 2503 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-02284-0, (2017)


Tunneling electroresistance effect in a Pt/Hf0.5Zr0.5O2/Pt structure

F. Ambriz-Vargas, G. Kolhatkar,  R. Thomas,1 R. Nouar, A. Sarkissian, C. Gomez-Yáñez, M. A. Gauthier and A. Ruediger, Appl. Phys. Lett. 110, 093106 (2017);


Highly stretchable electrospun conducting polymer nanofibers
Fanny Boubée de Gramont, Shiming Zhang, Gaia Tomasello, Prajwal Kumar, Andranik Sarkissian, and Fabio Cicoira, Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 093701 (2017)


On-axis radio frequency magnetron sputtering of stoichiometric BaTiO3
target: Localized re-sputtering and substrate etching during thin
film growth
, F.A. Vargas, R. Nouar, Z. Said Bacar, B. Higuera, R. Porter, A. Sarkissian, R. Thomas , A. Ruediger, Thin Solid Films 596 (2015) 77–82


Determination of active species in the modification of hardwood samples in the flowing afterglow of N2 dielectric barrier discharges open to ambient air

J. Prégent,  L. Vandsburger, V. Blanchard,  P. Blanchet, B. Riedl, A. Sarkissian,

L. Stafford, Cellulose (2015) 22, 811–827, DOI 10.1007/s10570-014-0496-8


Optical emission spectroscopy of microwave-plasmas at atmospheric pressure applied to the growth of organosilicon and organotitanium nanopowders
A. Kilicaslan, O. Levasseur, V. Roy-Garofano, J. Profili, M. Moisan, C. Côté, A. Sarkissian, and L. Stafford, J. App. Phys. 115, 113301 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4868899


Role of substrate outgassing on the formation dynamics of either hydrophilic of hydrophobic wood surfaces in atmospheric-pressure, organosilicon plasmas,

Olivier Levasseur; Luc Stafford; Nicolas Gherardi; Nicolas Naudé; Eric Beche; Jerôme Esvans; Pierre Blanchet; Bernard Riedl; Andranik Sarkissian, Surf. Coat. Tech. Vol.234, (2013) 42-47


Deposition of Hydrophobic Functional Groups on Wood Surfaces Using Atmospheric-Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Helium- Hexamethyldisiloxane Gas Mixtures,

Olivier Levasseur, Luc Stafford, Nicolas Gherardi, Nicolas Naudé, Vincent Blanchard, Pierre Blanchet, Bernard Riedl, Andranik Sarkissian, Plasma Process. Polym. 2012, 9, 1168–1175, 2012


Fuelling Effect of Tangential Compact toroid injection in STOR-M Tokamak,

T.Onchi, Y.Liu, M.Dreval, D.McColl, T.Asai, S.Wolfe, C.Xiao and A.Hirose, CNS(Canadian Nuclear Society) conference paper,137 (2012)


Determination of radial location of rotating magnetic islands by use of poloidal soft x-ray detector arrays in the STOR-M tokamak

Dreval M, Xiao C, Elgriw S, Trembach D, Wolfe S, Hirose A., Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2011 May; 82(5):053503. doi: 10.1063/1.3593110


Multiple NaNbO3/Nb2O5Heterostructure Nanotubes: A New Class of Ferroelectric/Semiconductor Nanomaterials,

Chenglin Yan, Liliya Nikolova, Afshin Dadvand, Catalin Harnagea, Andranik Sarkissian, Dmitrii F. Perepichka, Dongfeng Xue, and Federico Rosei, Advanced Materials 04/2010; 22(15):1741-5


Modification of Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) and Black Spruce (Picea mariana) Wood Surfaces in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) at Atmospheric Pressure,

Frédéric Busnel, Vincent Blanchard, Julien Prégent, Luc Stafford, Bernard Riedl, Pierre Blanchet, Andranik Sarkissian, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 01/2010; 24:1401-1413.


Porous and dense ZnO films produced by femtosecond and picosecond pulsed laser deposition,

A Achkar, P Jedrzejowski, A Pignolet, A Sarkissian, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 01/2010; 12(3):646-649.


Haematological Performances of Carbon Coated PTFE by Plasma-Based Deposition,

Francesca Boccafoschi, Pascale Chevallier, A. Sarkissian, Diego Mantovani, Materials Science Forum 2010; 638-642: 512-517- MATER SCI FORUM 01/2010; DOI:10.4028/


Influence of Ni Catalyst Layer and TiN Diffusion Barrier on Carbon Nanotube Growth Rate,

Jean-Baptiste A Kpetsu, Pawel Jedrzejowski, Claude Côté, Andranik Sarkissian, Philippe Mérel, Philips Laou, Suzanne Paradis, Sylvain Désilets, Hao Liu, Xueliang Sun, Nanoscale Research Letters 01/2010; 5(3):539-544.


Infrared sensors based on multi-wall carbon nanotube films,

Philippe Mérel, Jean-Baptiste Anumu Kpetsu, Charlie Koechlin, Sylvain Maine, Riad Haidar, Jean-Luc Pélouard, Andranik Sarkissian, Mihnea Ioan Ionescu, Xueliang Sun, Philips Laou, Suzanne Paradis, Comptes Rendus Physique – C R PHYS. 01/2010; 11(5):375-380.


Improving biocompatibility of implantable metals by nanoscale modification of surfaces: an overview of strategies, fabrication methods, and challenges,

Fabio Variola, Fiorenzo Vetrone, Ludovic Richert, Pawel Jedrzejowski, Ji-Hyun Yi, Sylvia Zalzal, Sylvain Clair, Andranik Sarkissian, Dmitrii F Perepichka, James D Wuest, Federico Rosei, Antonio Nanci, Small 05/2009; 5(9):996-1006.


Nanoscale oxidative patterning of metallic surfaces to modulate cell activity and fate,

Fiorenzo Vetrone, Fabio Variola, Paulo Tambasco de Oliveira, Sylvia Francis Zalzal, Ji-Hyun Yi, Johannes Sam, Karina F Bombonato-Prado, Andranik Sarkissian, Dmitrii F Perepichka, James D Wuest, Federico Rosei, Antonio Nanci, Nano Letters 02/2009; 9(2):659-65.


Controlled Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Various CVD and PECVD Methods,

M. I. Ionescu, H. Liu, Y. Zhong, Y. Zhang, R. Li, X. Sun, J.-B. Kpetsu, C. Côté, P. Jedrzejowsk, Andranik Sarkissian, P. Merel, P. Laou, S. Paradis, and S. Désilets, ECS Trans. 2009 25(8): 737-748


Efficiency of Plasma-Based Ion Implantation of Radioisotopes (32P),

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Radial 32P Ion implantation Using a Coaxial Plasma Reactor: Activity Imaging and Numerical Integration,

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Design of the motional Stark effect diagnostic in FTU,

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Improved adhesion of DLC and polymeric films using carbon-based interlayer coatings,

C. Côté and A. Sarkissian, in “Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications”, Edited by D. Mantovani


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Surface Treatment of Pure and Alloyed aluminum Using a New Plasma-Based Ion Implanter Apparatus,

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TdeV’s Diagnostic Neutral Beam Injector,

Sarkissian A., and D-NBI Team, Rev. Sci. Instruments, 69, 923


Depth Profilometry of Sputtered Ni Ions Implanted in Ti Using Pulsed Argon and Nitrogen Plasmas,

Sarkissian A. et al., J. Surf. Coat. Technol., 93, 314


Optimization of the Extracted Current Density from the High Energy Diagnostic Neutral Beam Injector of TdeV,

Sarkissian A. et al.,  Rev. Sci. Instrum., 68 (1997), 289

Hybrid Deposition, PLD-Magnetron
Plasma assisted nanoparticle synthesis
FTIR of Synthesized nanoparticles
FTIR of Nanoparticle synthesized by plasma
Negative Oxygen ion sputtering of thin film
CNT Synthesis, catalyst particle size effect
Nitrogen doped carbon coating on platelet adhesion
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