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Plasmionique's PVD systems are highly versatile semi-automated or fully automated customized systems integrating a variety of Physical  Vapour Deposition technologies. All systems are controlled by our PLASMICON proprietary control system.

EVAD Series


The EVAD Series allows for the evaporation of metals, dielectrics and organic materials using E-beams, Evaporation boats and Effusion cells for application to thin film deposition and epitaxial growth of materials. Large or table-top units with full computer controlled features allow thickness control with high precision. Glovebox integration also available.


Selection of evaporation method mainly depends on vaporization temperature of depositing material:

  • Evaporation boats, baskets, or filaments for metals, temperatures up to 1800 °C, power up to about 2 kW

  • Low Temperature Effusion Cell for organics

    • choice of crucible materials and temperature range to suit material

    • precise temperature monitoring and PID control

    • shutter with manual or automatic control

  • E-beam evaporators (single or multi pocket sources)

The evaporation sources can also be integrated in: 

Hybrid Deposition Systems 

Roll-to-Roll Deposition Systems

Tabletop and Compact Deposition Systems

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