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PRODUCTS: Turn-Key Systems

Plasmionique offers a variety of products ranging from components for vacuum and low-pressure plasma processing to complete custom-designed plasma, vacuum, and laser based systems for applications to thin-film deposition, etching, and advanced materials synthesis.

Typical Turn-Key System Characteristics 

Process Control System






Process Environment

Substrate/ Sample Mount


Magnetrons/Plasma Sources

Utility Requirements 

  • LabView®-based monitoring and control software

  • Intuitive graphical user interface

  • Multi-step programming for process recipes

  • Plotting and data-logging

  • Program mode for programming multi-step processes

  • Alarms and interlocks to protect system hardware and warn of unsafe conditions

  • Real-time plotting and data logging

  • Remote support interface

  • Options for Optical Emission and Mass spectroscopy Diagnostic interfaced to process control Plasma Source Option

  • Optional Remote ICP source for enhance reactive sputter deposition

  • Independent power supply and integrated control included

  • Stainless steel chamber, vertical or horizontal cylindrical 

  • Access door or split chamber design

  • Vacuum to 10-8 Torr range with turbomolecular pump backed with rotary vane or dry scroll mechanical pump

  • Operation with oxygen or corrosive gases (optional)

  • Vacuum gauges: wide-range gauge and capacitance manometer for process pressure control

  • FLOCON Series Gas management system for multiple gases or vapors, with mass flow controllers, fully automatic and programmable to tailor the gas mix 

  • User defined number of Mass Flow Controllers with shut-off valves

  • Purge/vent line with safety pressure relief valve

  • User defined sample size/shape

  • Heating to over 850 ºC with PID temperature control or cooling

  • Motorized rotation and axial translation motorized or manual 

  • Biasing (RF or DC) available

  • Load-lock sample transfer station (optional)

  • Target sizes circular 1”, 2”, 3”, 4” diameter, or rectangular

  • Operation with RF(13.56 MHz) DC or Pulse-DC

  • Balanced or unbalanced magnetic geometries

  • Cross-contamination shields and shutters

  • Option for adjustable axial position or head angle

  • Electrical: typically 60/50Hz, 120 single-phase to 380V 3-phase, 5-wire

  • Cooling water: typically 1-4 gpm, 17-30 ºC, system dependent

  • Instrument air: 40-80 psig (3-5 bar)

  • Purge/vent gas, regulated

  • Process gases, regulated

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