Systèmes de dépôt de polymère sous vide Série PARADIS

PARADIS Series Vacuum Polymer Depostion Systems: BROCHURE (PDF)

Polymer coatings have been successfully used in applications requiring friction reduction, biocompatibility, protection from moisture, dielectric strength, etc. Vacuum deposition is one of the many methods of producing such coatings. In general it involves a number of steps between the introduction of the precursor(s) and the final polymer coating. Each step has well-defined temperature and pressure requirements to ensure that the precursor undergoes the necessary changes in phase and molecular structure along the way.

Plasmionique has designed the PARADIS Series of vacuum polymer deposition systems particularly for parylene, but the basic process may be used for other polymers as well.

Basic features of the PARADIS Series include:

Temperature-controlled zones

  • Precursor vaporisation
  • Gas pyrolysis
  • Deposition

Sample Mount

  • Versatile—designed to suit particular size and shape of the sample
  • Water-cooling available for temperature-sensitive samples

Process Environment

  • Two-stage rotary-vane vacuum pump with cold trap (other pumping options available)
  • Precursor flow control
  • Mass flow controller (MFC) for carrier gas if required
  • Heated pressure gauge
  • Pressure control by feedback control of flow rates or using an optional throttle valve

Contrôle du procédé:

  • Un système de contrôle et de commande de tous les paramètres basé sur LabVIEW®
  • Interface graphique intuitive
  • Alarmes et interlocks pour protéger le matériel et l’usager en cas d’usage inadéquat
  • Génération de graphiques en réel temps et enregistrement des données
  • Programmation multi-étapes pour les procédés complexes