Table-Top Systems
flarion and magnion compact

A Plasmionique Table-Top System is the solution when you need plasma processing in a compact, versatile unit.  All the tools available in our full-size systems are also available in our table-top units, so they are ideal for film deposition, surface activation, plasma etching, etc. on a smaller scale.

The chamber and all subsystems are consolidated in one unit, with the only outboard equipment being the vacuum pump and the system computer.  Depending on the requirement, the process chamber is equipped with a MAGNION Series sputtering magnetron, a FLARION Series ICP source, or a set of thermal evaporation tools.  The modular design means that if you need more than one kind of tool, they may be easily switched in the field.

Features of Plasmionique table-top systems include:

Deposition / processing tools available:

  • MAGNION sputtering magnetron:
    • Target: one-inch or two-inch diameter, planar, conducting or dielectric
    • Balanced or unbalanced magnetic geometry as required
    • RF or DC generator
    • Shutter (optional)
    • Water-cooling
  • FLARION ICP source:
    • RF power 13.56 MHz, continuous or pulsed
    • RF antenna: pancake coil, water-cooled
    • Faraday shield
    • Suitable for PECVD and etching applications
  • EVAD evaporation source modules including (as required):
    • Standard high temperature boats, baskets and filaments for metals
    • Knudsen effusion cell (K-cell) for low temperature evaporation of organics

Substrate Mount Options:

  • Simple stainless steel platform with thermocouple temperature monitor
  • Heated stage: resistive heater (tungsten or SiC) with PID-controlled temperature
  • Electrical isolation for substrate biasing

Process Environment:

  • Stainless steel vertical cylindrical vacuum chamber with front door if required
  • Vacuum pumping to suit application:
    • Dry scroll mechanical pump
    • Rotary-vane mechanical pump, with inert (PFPE) lubricant if required
    • Turbomolecular pumping: integrated system with dry scroll or diaphragm backing pump
  • Gas distribution system with one or two mass flow controllers (MFC)
  • Process pressure control: upstream (automatically controlling flow) or downstream (manual throttle valve)

Process control system:

  • LabVIEW® based control system for monitoring and controlling all system variables
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Alarms and interlocks to protect system hardware and warn of unsafe conditions
  • Real-time plotting and data logging
  • Program mode for multi-step process recipes