Substrate Mount Assemblies and Manipulation Systems

Substrate mount design influences film uniformity, deposition rate, and physical and chemical characteristics.  Your particular application will determine which design features are important. Our substrate / sample mount assemblies may incorporate the following features:

Feature Issues and Options
Sample size
  • affects film uniformity and ease of manipulation
  • Standard Si wafer sizes:
    circular diameter 2 in., 3 in., 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm
  • Non-standard sizes:  Structures may be designed to fix samples of any reasonable size or shape.
  • Substrate temperature may influence film quality, deposition rate, and process effectiveness
  • resistive heating element (tungsten, SiC or other): up to 800 °C
  • quartz halogen lamps
  • temperature measurement (Type K thermocouple) with PID temperature control integrated into system software
  • May be required to prevent overheating of temperature-sensitive materials
  • cooling lines integrated into substrate mount
  • water or chilled fluid, closed or open cycle
  • PID temperature control (if necessary)
  • Produces a capacitively-coupled plasma (CCP) with capability to control energy of impinging ions
  • RF – typically  13.56 MHz, up to 100 W
  • DC – typically up to 500 V
  • High voltage DC for ion implantation – up to 10 kV, continuous or pulsed
Axial motion
  • Adjust source-substrate distance to optimise deposition rate and film quality (for most processes)
  • Bellows-sealed translating stage (UHV compatible)
    • Manual
    • Motorised with interface to process control software
    • Typical range of motion 100 mm
  • sliding o-ring seal (adjustable only when chamber is vented)
  • discrete positions (changed during shutdown)
  • Improve film uniformity
  • motorised, adjustable speed up to 20 rpm
  • interfaced to control software
Shutters and Masking
  • shutters for shielding the sample when necessary
  • Shadow mask positioning systems
  • Manual or automatic operation (motorised or pneumatic)
  • Integration into control software

Note that some combinations are not available.  Please inquire with your specific requirements.

Load-lock systems

To load and unload samples without breaking vacuum in the process chamber, consider a load-lock system.  Plasmionique can provide load-lock systems incorporating:

  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber with large access door
  • Manual or pneumatic gate valve for isolating the chamber
  • Turbomolecular pumping package (dry) with manual or pneumatic gate valve for isolation
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Magnetically-coupled transfer arm with sample transfer mechanism
  • Sized for:
    • substrate diameter 100 mm (flange CF8/DN160); or,
    • substrate diameter 150 mm (flange CF10/DN200)