Power Supplies & Generators

State-of-the-art power supply and generator systems, including controllers and related components, are essential parts of Plasmionique systems and have proven reliability in the field.

For your application, the versatile units listed below may be integrated into your equipment.

Component Applications Features
HC100 Series
Heating Power Supplies & Controllers
  • Substrate Heating (SiC or other resistive elements, filaments, quartz lamps, etc.)
  • Evaporation heaters (boats and filaments, effusion cells)
  • MBE
  • CVD furnaces
  • Chamber baking
  • PID feedback loop for precise temperature control
  • Safety interlock connection
  • enclosure fits standard 19-inch cabinet (or as specified)
RF Generator Systems
–RF generator
–impedance matching network
–matching network controller
  • plasma sources for PECVD and surface treatment
  • sputtering magnetrons
  • substrate biasing
  • 300 W / 600 W / 1 kW (and higher) units at 13.56 MHz (LF units also available)
  • Manual matching (see below) or automatic with controller
  • Integrated into system control software
  • Half-rack mountable (except matching network, which must be close to equipment)
Model MB100 Manual Matching Network
  • An economical option for impedance matching in a RF generator system
  • Designed for plasma applications
  • Rated 300 W at 13.56 MHz
  • Forced-air (fan) cooling
  • RF connectors: coaxial type N input and output
  • DC bias voltage monitor on BNC connector
Model RS60 RF Power Switch
  • Typically used for switching RF or DC power between system components:
    –plasma source
    –biased substrate
  • Reliable switching of RF or DC power
  • SPDT (other configurations available: DPDT, SP3T)
  • Rated 600 W
  • Rated operating voltage 3 kV (peak) at 13.56 MHz
  • Coaxial type N connectors input and output
  • Actuator 24 VDC (nominal) on DIN connector
  • Compact aluminum enclosure for easy mounting
Microwave Generators and Components
  • Plasmionique is the Canadian distributor for Sairem, a leading French manufacturer of RF and microwave components
  • Microwave power for:
    –Plasma sources
  • Generators
  • Tuners
  • Couplers
  • Microwave leak detectors
DC Generators
  • Plasma generation
  • Sputtering magnetron power
  • Substrate biasing
  • Units available with output power 500 W and 1000 W
  • Arc protection circuitry
  • Integrated into system control software