System Control

In Plasmionique systems, control of the process as well as the various sub-systems and components is centralised in a modular PLC-based control system. Usually a single control box houses the PLC and associated electronics, and serves as the link between all the components and the system control computer.

The user interface is our state-of-the-art PLASMICON control software. It is a LabVIEW®-based package with an intuitive graphical interface and data logging and plotting capability. In addition, a program mode allows multi-step process recipes to be run without user intervention. Alarms and safety interlocks are standard features.

If required, we can also supply system power distribution modules to specification, as well as electronics cabinets for mounting the control modules and other components you may have. All necessary hardware and cabling within the cabinet would be included.

The versatile, modular structure of the Plasmionique control system allows it to be adaptable to a variety of process control applications. Below is a summary of the control system modules which are available for your application.

Module Features
Model CO1000
System Control Module
  • Interface between system components and control computer
  • PLC with analogue and digital inputs and outputs
  • Standard D-SUB connections to all components
  • single USB connection to external computer
  • hardwired safety interlocks
  • watchdog communication monitor to ensure safe, stable shutdown
  • enclosure fits standard 19-inch cabinet (or as specified)
Model SV100
Power Distribution Module
  • Distributes electrical mains power to all components
  • Input 3-phase, 5-wire on single cable (typical), voltage, current and line frequency as specified
  • Single phase circuits for power outlet to all components
  • Protection with circuit breakers for each circuit
  • Emergency shut-down button
  • Power-fail recovery feature to protect sensitive components
  • Enclosure to fit standard 19-inch rack (or as specified)
PLASMICON Control Software
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Real-time plotting of process variables
  • Data logging for future recall
  • Program mode for multi-step process recipes with easy-to-use program editor. Recipes may be saved for future recall
  • Alarms and safety interlocks with status-at-a-glance alarm panel
  • LabVIEW® based on Microsoft Windows® platform—integration into existing control systems is possible
Other components as required
  • Electronics cabinet
  • Cable package
  • System computer (“all-in-one” or laptop or as specified)