Plasma & Ion Beam Sources

Plasmionique manufactures a number of different types of plasma sources ranging from a simple biased electrode producing a capacitively-coupled plasma (CCP) to dielectric barrier discharges (DBD) and inductively-coupled plasmas (ICP). They have applications to PECVD, etching, and surface modification.

For our ion sources, a directed beam of ions is produced by adding an extraction grid biased to high voltage at the exit of the discharge space. These ion beam sources have applications to ion beam sputtering (IBS), ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) and ion beam etching (IBE).

All our plasma sources are offered as stand-alone units with standard flanges and connections for compatibility with most equipment.

Plasma applications are as varied as your imagination. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your ideas.

General specifications of our standard plasma sources are as follows:

Plasma Source Configuration Frequency (MHz) Applications Documentation
ICP FLARION Series pancake coil antenna
volume plasma
13.56 PECVD
etching (RIE/DRIE)

ion implantation
brochure (PDF)
ICP PLUME Series helical antenna
remote plasma
13.56 PECVD
etching (RIE/DRIE)
brochure (PDF)
Ion Beam Sources
helical antenna
remote plasma
HV extraction grids
13.56 etching (IBE)
deposition (IBS, IBAD)
brochure (see above)
Microwave MIRENIQUE Series single mode (remote)
2450 MW-PECVD brochure (PDF)
RF CCP biased electrode 13.56 PECVD
etching (PE/RIE)
ATMOS Series
(atmospheric plasma)
dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) ~0.1 surface modification inquire