Evaporation Sources

The evaporation sources which are installed as part of the EVAD Series Thermal Vapour Deposition Systems have been well-proven in the field, and are available as stand-alone units ready to be installed in your research equipment. They include the following:

Evaporation boats and filaments (high-temperature – up to 1800 °C – for metals)
High-temperature evaporation modules would include (as required):

  • High current vacuum feedthroughs, water-cooled if necessary
  • Convenient mounting of the resistive element(s)
  • Source shutters with manual or pneumatic actuators
  • Evaporation rate monitors (quartz crystal microbalance)
  • Boats and/or filaments chosen to suit material

Knudsen effusion cell (K-cell) for evaporating organics
Plasmionique KEVP Series Knudsen Effusion Cells

General Specifications:

Temperature: up to 800C (PID-controlled, Type K thermocouple)
Power supply: 150W (12A max)
Crucible material: to suit application:  BN, graphite, quartz, etc.
Crucible volume: 1cc (typical)
Overall length: user-defined
Mounting flange: CF2.75
Shutter: swing type, manual or pneumatic actuator

Electron beam evaporator
We can supply an e-beam evaporator as part of a Plasmionique thermal evaporation system.  Contact us with your requirements.