Since 2005, which was celebrated as the WORD YEAR of PHYSICS, the Plasma Physics Division of Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP-DPP) awards the PLASMIONIQUE prize, during CAP annual congress, for best student presentation. Students in any field that apply or study plasma phenomena are encouraged to participate in this competition.

  • The winner of PLASMIONIQUE Prize in 2015 was Mr. MO, Mianzhen of the University of Alberta. The title of his presentation was  Measurements of Ionization States in Warm Dense Aluminum with Femtosecond Betatron Radiation from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator”.
  • The winner of 2014 DPP Oral presentation was Mr. PUTAM Russell  of the University of Windsor. the title of his presentation was  Recent Advances in the  Measurement of Rare-Earth Metal Oscillator Strengths Using  Laser-Induced